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The Art of Balance: Your Dreams Vs Your Career

The way to balance your career and your passion.     Y’all I’m just going to be candid. I didn’t think balancing my career and writing novels would be this challenging but it is.   Now that I’m getting in the swing of things at work, here comes all of…

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Through The Eyes of Jessie: From Sexual Assault to Power

Read this daring tale of sexual assault and one woman’s rise above it and the power to turn it into beauty.   I guess the truth should be told now. The weight of my actions have ricochet others to make better decisions. I should have stopped it. My should haves…

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I’m Every Woman: Breast Cancer Don’t Own Me!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Some times we definitely have to say “Breast Cancer Don’t OWN me!”   We are not what happens to us or in us. We are the strength it runs from.   Let’s a take a trip down your imagination.   Imagine a woman who’s…

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Welcome to the C.S. Café.

C. S. Café started as a play on of words from my initials. It is also the name of the poetry café in my book Up For Air. I hope you enjoy and stay tuned in to all that is in store for the site. Make sure to subscribe and join our mailing list. You can book the author here by clicking the mailing link below or simply the calendar date that you want to book her for.