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How To Make Memories For Your Loved One With Terminal Illnesses?

Want to know how to make memories for your loved one with terminal illnesses? What do you do when fighting is not enough? What do you say when the road is near it’s end? I often think about the circling of incidences as my grandmother went home slowly. I’ve often…

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Why The Hell Are There Increases In Live Stream Deaths?

Why the Hell are there increases in Live Stream deaths? Why are acts of violence growing on live streams especially Facebook Live? Why is there a trend to repost or watch a death live? I am sick and tired of it. We are missing something. We are missing signs and red flags. Well read…

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Want To Know How To Build A Successful Website Brand?

You want to know how to build a successful website brand? Do you have an unique niche? How passionate are you about this site and project? What motivates you? These are all questions that you’re going to have to answer before delving into building and maintaining a website that works FOR…

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Welcome to the C.S. Café.

C. S. Café started as a play on of words from my initials. It is also the name of the poetry café in my book Up For Air. I hope you enjoy and stay tuned in to all that is in store for the site. Make sure to subscribe and join our mailing list. You can book the author here by clicking the mailing link below or simply the calendar date that you want to book her for.