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31 Ways Women Fail at Being a Proverbs 31 Woman

Want to know the 31 Ways Women Fail at Being a Proverbs 31 Woman?   Before I get into that, I was having a discussion with someone and the response was women fail because they feel they are inadequate to the Proverbs 31 woman. They feel that this whole chapter…

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What’s New in the C.S. Café For Writers?

A New Beginning For Writers Many of you might know my site has been down for the past month and a half. Guess who forgot to renew their SSL (this chick). I just didn’t want to risk the chance of getting hacked without the green light so I moved on…

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Behind Reckless Secrets: The Silent Death Of Veterans

I wanted to go into the reason behind my story #RecklessSecrets circulating on Facebook. Behind Reckless Secrets: The Death of Veterans focuses on the lack of funds and support from Veteran Affairs and families once the diagnosis of mental health specifically PTSD has been diagnosed in our veterans.   I…

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Welcome to the C.S. Café.

C. S. Café started as a play on of words from my initials. It is also the name of the poetry café in my book Up For Air. I hope you enjoy and stay tuned in to all that is in store for the site. Make sure to subscribe and join our mailing list. You can book the author here by clicking the mailing link below or simply the calendar date that you want to book her for.