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The F.O.U.R. Project: Behind the Scenes

The F.O.U.R. Project is an acronym for FIGHT, OVERCOME, UPLIFT, and REACH. It was started in 2019 after I noticed a pattern at local health fairs and cancer awareness events. Even though we had many of resources in our communities provided by nonprofits, hospitals, local for profit business to help…

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A Vow to Reconnect

Will you take the vow to reconnect? The reason I started this iniative is to help people who have been adopted, had absentee parents, or once incarcerated parents reconnect with each other one vow at a time. It’s a difficult journey starting over when the only thing you have in…

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Hidden Below See Level: Igniting Your Voice Through Public Speaking

You might be wondering what I’ve been up to. I’ve been on a hunt to ignite my voice through public speaking. This is very challenging to me. To anyone that knows me knows that I love the camera but hate the replay. I’m highly obsessed with audio recordings and my…

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Welcome to the C.S. Café.

C. S. Café started as a play on of words from my initials. It is also the name of the poetry café in my book Up For Air. I hope you enjoy and stay tuned in to all that is in store for the site. Make sure to subscribe and join our mailing list. You can book the author here by clicking the mailing link below or simply the calendar date that you want to book her for.