The Fear Challenge: What’s Stopping You?

The fear challenge will be starting June 5. We’ve all been there for some reason or another. What’s stopping you? What’s holding you back?

#TheFearChallenge is here to empower those who fear jumping for whatever reason their fear tells them. We are so much more than what we fear.


Some people fear public speaking, networking, interviews, letting others see your work, letting others hear your voice, or letting others see you on a live feed. This challenge will be tackling all of those obsolete fears and making it the fuel we need to succeed.


Trust me, I wouldn’t be doing this challenge with you all if I didn’t need it myself. We all need accountability partners to make sure that we’re pushing past our fears to get where we need to be. Fear shouldn’t hinder any of us from making our dreams reality.


I will tell you this, if you wake up in the morning and that’s all you think about and you go to bed at night and that dream is driving you full speed ahead then you know what you need to be doing. Don’t let the fear of naysayers or haters deter you from making your own reality. At some point in life someone did it to them. “Hurt people hurt people”


That hurt person does not have to be YOU! We all have to decide if we’re going to let that hurt be a stone or let it be fuel. I choose to let it be fuel. 


What’s stopping you?


What’s holding you back?


If you have to wake up in the morning and motivate yourself with words of affirmations then do it.


If you have to stand looking at the wall behind everyone to overcome the anxiety of public speaking then do it.


Sometimes we all need a little transparency when it comes to overcoming fear. If you have to do a live video feed in tears, being totally undone, do it. There should be nothing stopping us from getting to our destination. There should be nothing stopping us from making our dreams reality.


You know I did it twice. I made my writing a reality when I published both books. Was I leary about how people would react to my style and genre of writing? Hell yeah! I was mortified. I was excited as well. I didn’t have to hide a part of me that lived between my ears. That’s called imagination.


I hope that you join me in taking the #FearChallenge. Let’s jump together.

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10 thoughts on “The Fear Challenge: What’s Stopping You?

  1. I love this. We’re all facing our own fears in some way – whatever they may be. For me, my fear isn’t a constant fear, but it paralyzes me when I’m faced with it. My plan of action is to speak lovingly and rationally to myself. And try to expose myself to opportunities where I’m faced with my fear more often than normal. So I can get used to it time and time again.

    1. That is the absolute best way to overcome it. Hit it head on and again and again until it’s not fear, it’s fuel.

  2. Fear is a unruly disease that can truly kill us. It takes over so bad making us feel so helpless. I try to give myself a pep talk and it gets me calm. And after I tackle the challenge I feel so powerful. The mind gets distracted and feeds from the feed. People have to take back their peace and happiness. Great post chica💋

    1. It is a disease. When we start controlling where we want to be, no holds barred, then will we reach the success destined for us. Thanks, this post was preaching to myself as well.

    1. It is and once we grab it by the horns and jump it (chess move) then we will be able to reach whatever our hearts desire. As long as we stay in fear, we will never jump.

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