How Freestyling Kills Your Writer’s Block

Want to know how freestyling kills your writer’s block? Writer’s block is the worst when gearing towards deadlines especially for authors. We’ve all been taught to brainstorm and jot down all of our storylines, cast names, antagonist/protagonist, and climax. Very many of us tunnel vision those things that we tend to crash mid script. We wonder why we no longer have passion for our art.


Why do you really lose the passion?


Why do we really get stuck?


I believe we get too stuck in the structure. I am not saying that we should not have a structure at all. What if I told you to set your mind free. The reason you’re getting stuck is because your imagination is in a box waiting for you to draw out a ticket from it’s organized file cabinet.


How do I get over my writer’s block?


A. You simply freestyle. Set your imagination free. Set it on fire. Let go of organization for just a moment. JUST WRITE!


You really need to write with the mind of the reader reading your short story, poetry, or novel. They do not know what’s happening next but neither do you. How far can your imagination stretch when you let go?


I am not the “Queen” of freestyle but I have written with a brainstormed mind and I have written with a freestyle mind. I love to set my mind ablaze and let my imagination ride the pen.



How crazy is your mind?


How freaky is your mind?


How emotional or anti-social can your characters be?


How split is the mind of your characters?


After you have written your whole script, story, poem then clean it up with the editing, formatting, spell check, and more. The point is to not rely on the structure and format at the beginning of your script.


I have a challenge for all my readers to write at least a five chapter short. If you are down for the challenge here is how it goes.



1.) Do not brainstorm!

2.) Write a chapter a day for 5 days.

3.) E-mail me the scripts at

Who is in it for the challenge?

7 thoughts on “How Freestyling Kills Your Writer’s Block

  1. Great idea! Sometimes I freestyle when I am trying to come to terms with something or to get a handle on a situation that I have confused emotions about. I never thought of it for helping with writer’s block. I bet it’s a big help. I’ll have to try it.

    1. You should. You can take on our five day challenge and see what your mind comes up with. It helps tremendously for writing. My freestyle mind is always on the dark side.

  2. I actually find it easier to free write. Usually if a topic comes to mind I’ll jot down the topic name and leave it. Then when it hit so me to write I’ll write paragraph or so (more if I am in the moment). Then I’ll come back and finish it up. Edit and I am done. It just flows easier for me that way.


    1. It is very easy to free write. I find out when my imagination rides the pen the stories end up being more suspenseful, more thrilling, and just jam packed with a jaw dropping ending.

  3. This is the absolute best way for me as well. I box myself in when I try to stick too closely to “the script”. I have to be able to allow the thoughts to wiggle their way to my fingertips without interference. Once done, I can go back and rearrange it a bit so it flows better. Initially, though, I just have write! Great post, Thank you!

    1. We are taught in school to stick to the script, structure, and to build on the elements of our story. Most need to break free from structure until the end of their masterpiece.

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