Hoarding Their Opinions: It’s Time To Flush!

How many of us are guilty of hoarding opinions?


How many of us just can’t let go of things someone has said against our life because of who said it?


How many of us are filled up with those negative opinions, doubt, and insecurities but we just won’t let go?


“Raise your hand! I know you’re guilty. I’m guilty. We all are a bunch of opinion hoarders.”


Does it really happen to the best of us?


Sometimes we are so swept up in the opinions of others over our lives that we walk blindly in our own purpose. We start to lose our identity in the opinions of others. Actually, our identity becomes the opinion of others.


Why do we hoard those opinions and insecurities that others have within us?


It might be because we know they’re coming from a good place. We just don’t want to wrong them. Like your parents for instance. Umhmm!


When we start hoarding what others say we stop walking in our purpose and start following under the opinions of others.

Walk like you have a PURPOSE!

Talk like you’re grounded in FAITH!

I hoard a lot of what others say. Your family will tell you that you’re too old to follow your dreams. They don’t feel you can actually do it. Your spouse will give you 101 excuses as to why it wouldn’t work or why you should wait until they’re settled first. PLEASE DON’T!


Stop hoarding the words and opinions of those close to you just because they’re close to you!


If I would have listened to those when they said that I didn’t know what I wanted to do and actually let that take root then I wouldn’t be the author now working on book four.


A lot of us might have thick skin but I promise your mind will relive exactly how they said those words the minute you lay your head down. Those opinions will manifest and take root covering the success due to you.


We just need to learn to let go. You know you haven’t let go if you can remember verbatim every opinion that person said the minute you see them. Let go already!


Hoarding their opinions won’t bring you any success but it sure as hell will block it.

The first thing we need to do is FLUSH THAT SHIT!




It’s time to meditate on your purpose.

2.) Congratulate yourself on your accomplishments big or small.

3.) Work on the things you want to accomplish and FINISH IT!

4.) Celebrate where you are in that moment that you overcame being a hoarder.


We all do it but it does nothing for us but makes us followers, clones of another’s success.


Signing out!


Tell us below some of the words and opinions that you hoard. What steps are you taking to LEAD IN YOUR OWN PURPOSE!


11 thoughts on “Hoarding Their Opinions: It’s Time To Flush!

  1. It really helped me to realise that everyone has their own agenda and sees things only from their own perspective. If we are lucky others empathize sometimes. This really helped me understand others opinions and actions and for me to move forward on my path – caring less about others perspectives.

    1. I’m glad it helped. People can only see from their perspective. They can’t see YOUR vision. You have to take it with a grain of salt at times. YOUR spirit or intuition as some call it will tell you which direction you should lead in not the opinion of others.

  2. This is been really helpful to read, and it’s really fitting to where I am in my life right now. I’ve spent so much of my life living in the opinion of others, especially my family, and it’s held me back so much. Like you said “Hoarding their opinions won’t bring you any success but it sure as hell will block it”

    Seeing your post has helped me realise that I need to fulfil my own purpose. It’s not easy letting go of those opinions I’ve been hoarding for so long, but I’m definitely working on it.

    Thanks for sharing this, it’s definitely given me some things to think about in regards to my life and my purpose.

    All the best

    1. You’re welcome! We’ve all hoarded the opinions of those close to us. We don’t have to. It will still do nothing for us at the end of the day. I hope to hear updates of your success.

    1. It is difficult. No one wants to see the other hurt. Sometimes some people do whether it’s business or personal. Try it and let me know what works.

  3. Telling an opinion or “your truth” to others sometimes hurts and so we hold it in until it eats away our insides causing stress and sadness. We have to stop. Release the hoarding of words, thoughts and opinions regardless of the outcome. #blmgirls

    1. Telling your opinion “your truth” as you say is not always beneficial to the person you want to tell it to. That hurt lingers long after you’ve said it. It’s one thing to give stern advice and a plan. Your opinion by itself is deadly. Flush it! (not meant in any way but how it is.) Just giving your ill opinions without feedback, correction, etc is reckless when it comes to those who hoard them.

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