S.A.P: Speak, Act, and Pushing You Into Your Destiny


You might be wondering what the hell is S.A.P. anyway? S.A.P. (Speak, Act, & Push) is a way of life that many of us use anyway. Let’s get down to it, shall we?

SPEAK: First of all, you have to speak things into existence. You also have to believe that you can achieve it also. Yes, this sounds hella cliche but it is the honest truth. You can’t just speak it out of your mouth if your heart won’t believe or even grasp the concept that you are truly worthy of having it or making it your reality. I spoke for a year that I would become a published author but it wasn’t doing me a damn thing because I was just speaking on it and not really believing it. Let me tell you, if you are just speaking those things to deaden the noise then it is better to be left silent. Don’t speak it if you don’t believe it. Click To Tweet

ACT: Secondly, you have to act on what you have spoken. Faith without works is dead. If you are believing to be an award winning anything and do not act on it then it will only be a thought. I could say I was an author all day long but until I had proof that I was one, it would have continued to be just talk to pass the time. We have to do something. Acting on the belief that it WILL happen should not be taken lightly. Don’t bluff yourself. We don’t need you half-assing the work and expecting that what you believe will come to pass. You can’t believe and not show up either. Click To TweetThat’s like believing that you will get pregnant and not practice. More like believing for a husband/spouse and not becoming what you are believing you should have and be. You have to act. Time is of the essence and no one has time to be bluffing the man in the mirror. You are only failing yourself.

PUSH: Lastly, you have to push. You have to birth that gift, song, novel, business, or whatever that PUSH is to you. No one can birth what was given to you. You will experience heartache, isolation, and elevation. You have to push first. What are you waiting for? PUSH! It is the last month and everything that you have worked so hard for is now crowning. You have to birth it. You have to sell that book (Produce, Publish, and Promote). You have to find that market and stand firm that you might be in a groundbreaking isolation period but it won’t last long. Push whatever it is out of you or from you. Celebrate after the pain but first you have to go through it. Click To Tweet I have four steps of PUSH. It is all simple really.

  1. P: Pray until something happens (Prayer should be at the center)
  2. U: Utilize all assets and assistance (Research, Reach Out, and Relay)
  3. S: Stand boldly in your birth (You suffered pain and sacrifice for this. Don’t let anyone rip that from you.)
  4. H: Help up (Reach back and Help someone up)

There are five types of birthing in PUSH also that I want to discuss.

  1. Premature: Birthing prematurely in this sense is going ahead of schedule. You are trying to do things your way. There are areas that are not yet ready. You suffer. Yes, most do survive and make it but sometimes giving the world your gifts prematurely can be fatal not only to them but to you. You are rushing too much to have a product out or your business open that you fail yourself and do a disservice to your product and business.
  2. Induced: Induced in this nature is being pushed out anyway. They know you will succeed but you are doubtful. You need to be induced. Your gifts need to be birthed by any means necessary. You can’t keep holding back what was put in you. You are hindering the person that needs to hear your voice,your message, read your words, or utilize your business.
  3. Natural: You are just on time. Your gifts are being birthed through no help or stimulant. You are PUSHING! The overcomer. You have made the executive decision to PUSH your way through. You want to welcome the pain and stand in your glory.
  4. Dying: This isn’t a birthing process. You have carried this child for so long but the pain is unbearable so you choose to die and not PUSH. Your dreams are on the other side of pain, fear, reluctance and you’d rather die than have people see your transparent self. You worry too much of what others may say about your gifts that you keep it all to yourself.You are dying. You came all this way. You have spoke it into existence and acted on it but won’t even publish the book.
  5. Abortion: You have given up before anything. You didn’t even know how it would turn out. You threw away your dreams and now mourn at the sight of others having that same dream, goal, or vision. You never wanted it in the first place.

How many of you are practicing the S.A.P. method?

I want you to evaluate yourself and ask yourself these questions. Write them down.

  1. Why are you speaking and not believing?
  2. Are you truly acting in your gifts?
  3. Why are you withholding the birthing process?
  4. What’s stopping you from the PUSH?
  5. Are you premature, inducing, natural, aborting, or dying?

16 thoughts on “S.A.P: Speak, Act, and Pushing You Into Your Destiny

  1. This post is so motivational and the abbreviation letters are easy to remember. I like how you were able to get your point across and provide examples for each reader.

  2. This was super good. I felt my heart tingling because I felt every word you were saying! Check out my blog- SoulFeminist.com. I think we share some of the same sentiments! Keep writing girl <3

  3. You made some really great points. I always say you have to speak things into existence and act on it. I’m a true believer of this. I love the idea of PUSH. I love this post! Thanks for sharing.

  4. OMG this was so on time!! Lately I’ve been feling like I’m lacking motivation in so many areas of my life so this was really what I needed!!

  5. This is the first I’m hearing of SAP and I think this is a great concept! Especially the point about being premature- sometimes we procrastinate too much, other times we get too carried away. Always necessary to find a balance. Great post- thanks for sharing!x

    1. Yeah, most people practice SAP and not even know it. I’ve learned that most people learn more by using acronyms like S.A.P. & P.U.S.H. and then the different birth strategies. Share if you like.

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