The Modern Slave, But It’s 2017, Right?

Here I am trying to find words. Slavery? To be a slave? It’s 2017, Right? Am I being punked? Is it really that we just didn’t see that history never repeated but in fact, did not stop at all. Did we lose track of our ancestors and kinfolks across the sea? Did we simply just go on fighting without retracing our history?


That is in fact my sentiment, exactly! People always say that slavery is of my past and not here in the present. Here’s a favorite, “Let’s worry about the world instead of the racism you’re trying to start.” Listen suga, NO ONE is TRYING TO START ANYTHING! You cannot START what has NEVER STOPPEDYou cannot START what has NEVER STOPPED Click To Tweet


Has slavery really stopped anyway? We thought! We ASSumed! We made an assumption that since the abolition of the transatlantic slave trade in 1807 and the abolition of the internal slave trade in 1865 that slavery stopped. Slavery stopped HERE. That was it!Slavery stopped HERE. That was it! Click To Tweet Slavery was just cutoff from the transatlantic trade due to the abolition act in 1807. Did it really stop in the motherland? In America, slavery took root in a different form. Slavery became the school to prison pipeline. Slavery became free labor from prisons for industrial means. Slavery was still transatlantic for the biggest sex slave trade. They just didn’t come from the continent of Africa to US. Our ass really loves to ASSume everything.


The point of it all was that IT STOPPED HERE!


How many of congress was born back then when they now secretly wish segregation was still separate but equal? Where they still voice the itch of owning a few of our kinfolks?


It’s 2017, Right?

I wrote some poetry on this 2017, Right?


It’s 2017, right? What a time to be alive? A time to be alive is a time to stay woke. A black man sold for 400 in the motherland. You shocked? Oh, you’re just shocked because you thought the slave trade ended in 1807. You thought Juneteenth was the freedom we were meant to see. The days of selling our own destiny but when did it ever stop? When slavery took on other forms beyond the transatlantic slave trade. When slavery became prison so it was legal to do so. Enslaving your kinfolks under bricks of lies but kinfolks still got shackled in 2017. Kinfolks get captured and thrown into a prison for industrial gain. Yet you wonder why that “One Drop” black boy kneeling. Why his prayers reach past ceilings? It’s 2017, remember? A presidency shattered! A mockery left wide open! A party focused on a party than the protection of our future from generations of pedophiles. Tell me, what’s so damn good about 2017? When the leaders of you secretly wish it was 1619 when the first slaves arrived in Virginia or 1680 for the indentured servants. How free is free? How free are we when kinfolks get sold for 400 across the sea? There goes another bloodline to be, taking DNA tests to find their family tree.There goes another bloodline to be, taking DNA tests to find their family tree. Click To Tweet Leaders more worried about an NFL protest than a girl failed by the system, sold into sex slavery, and crushed by the same system that was supposed to set her free. How fucked up is out society?! It’s 2017! Again, I ask, how free is free? How free are we when the only reason you found out your bloodline was still shackled was because a white girl snuck in on history? How free are we when the only reason you found out your bloodline was still shackled was because a white girl snuck in on history? Click To Tweet See, history was never REPEATED! You just never checked the kinfolks that still live where it all started. 


Drop your thoughts on Libya’s slavery below. What are some ideas that we can do to FINALLY STOP SLAVERY? 


Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere! – Martin Luther King Jr


Listen to the poem below. Sharing is certainly caring!


14 thoughts on “The Modern Slave, But It’s 2017, Right?

  1. This is so powerful and heartbreaking! It’s true, we cannot start what never stopped and once again I feel so helpless! Always praying for justice and better days, especially for our people! Great post!

    1. Most won’t see it until affected by it. In 2017, we render slavery is of the past because it happened over 200 years ago. In fact, it never abolished from the world just the US and Europe. I cannot just sit and act not affected when I do not know my heritage across the sea.

    1. Over 500 people have been returned back to Nigeria. You can call your local representative to voice your thoughts. Contact the United Nations representative and tell them that you are against slavery.

  2. What is happening is really sad and you are so right on so many points, this is an issue that hasn’t really stopped throughout history. My heart breaks.

    1. It really hasn’t but I’m glad awareness is being made and people are gathering around to slowly keep our “Free” people “Free”. We are all Freemen and deserve our right to freedom.

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