The Samson In You: Your Comfort Zone Is The Path To Your Demise

Everyone has a little Samson inside of them and that same Samson is wallowing in a comfort zone heading towards their demise.


First things first,


Hello, 2018!


We’ve been waiting for you.


It’s the second day of the new year and I’m still reflecting on my New Year’s Eve sermon on “being comfortable”. This might step on some toes but somethings need to be said, right?


Well in the sermon out adjunct pastor correlated Samson and comfort zones very well. I really don’t want to go through the whole story just read Judges Ch. 10-13. To sum up the story of Samson, Samson was a strong warrior in the bible who could kill just about anyone or thing having the favor of God upon him. In the midst of knowing and being the strong one, it became routine to do such things. Samson met Delilah who really was the deceiver. She pressed him about his secret to his strength so she could go back and tell the Phillistines. He deceived her by telling her all these ways that he could be “humbled” and it never worked. Then eventually she told him if he really loved her then he would tell her the truth. He gave in.


When he gave in he gave up the presence of God. This time when his hair was gone and God’s presence was gone, he thought the battle would be easy and just as routine as the past. He had failed. His strength was gone. Let us pray! Putting this on pause!


What does that have to do with us?


I’ll tell you! How many of you have something you’re good at? How many of you can take that something and can do it in your sleep? That thing that you’re good at can also be your comfort zone. You get so use to your gift that you lose the presence of God around it. You start to get cocky because you already know how!


“Maturation comes with the evolution of a constant.” – Crystal Santoría


We have to constantly evolve in order to mature. We have to know that every gift we possess is still an evolution. Don’t get comfortable in what you know how to do and lose focus on how you know how and the source.


See, we as ballers might feel we know football better and can probably do a blitz, screen pass, fake, or any other play in our sleep. There is always someone to shake us up.


See, we as writers might feel we know the art of writing haiku, sonnets, spoken word, novels, and scripts that we can do it in our sleep. There will always be someone to shake it up.


Doesn’t make sense huh?


Samson thought he had it all figured out. He had confidence in being a protector. When he got deceived and lost the Glory of God what he once knew was now gone. Samson got comfortable. He got so comfortable in what he was doing that he forgot to go to God.


How many of us get so comfortable in our gifts that we forget to go to the source?


We forgot God in our comfort zone.

Comfort zones aren’t always about not leaping into your destiny because you are afraid. Comfort zones can be getting too comfortable with something you’re good at that you forget God after the fact. Those same comfort zones could lead to the demise of your dreams, gifts, and quality of life.


My advice to you for 2018 and beyond:

Don’t get too comfortable in your now, your gifts, or what you have a degree or license in. Your shift can happen at any time. Be ready for it!


14 thoughts on “The Samson In You: Your Comfort Zone Is The Path To Your Demise

  1. The shift is real. So many times we get a little comfortable and forget what it’s like to be in uncomfortable. Truth is growth is NEVER comfortable. Preparing for my shift in 2018. Happy New Year and here’s wishing you a year full of wonder #BLMGirl

    1. That is true. Growth is never comfortable but people love to forget that it’s a stage. Happy New Year to you as well

  2. Amen to this! The story of Samson has always been one of my favorites. We can’t get caught slipping. Stay ready, never have to get ready!

    1. Always stay ready. It doesn’t matter what you’re positioned in now things can and will change either for better or worse. That is my theory of why Samson got caught comfortable. He never thought the situation would be different.

  3. Remaining in our comfort zone is bound to hinder our growth. You are right when you say that sometimes when we are comfortable and everything is going good, we forget about God. But the truth is we must give thanks and praise to him whether things are going good and when they are going bad. I loved this! Happy New year!!

    1. Happy New Year! It will definitely hinder your growth. Some people don’t even know that they’re in their comfort zone till a shift happens.

    1. Loved that last sentence and rightfully so. The more we stay comfortable we start to lose focus. We start feeling like we did it all by ourselves…

  4. The death of the comfort zone. It is really real. I agree that it is imperative that we never forget where our strength comes from. This topic has slowed through several of my conversations lately. I’m listening Lord… I’m taking heed.

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