Hidden Below See Level: Igniting Your Voice Through Public Speaking

You might be wondering what I’ve been up to. I’ve been on a hunt to ignite my voice through public speaking. This is very challenging to me. To anyone that knows me knows that I love the camera but hate the replay. I’m highly obsessed with audio recordings and my recorded voice. Why do I shy away from facebook live video?


Chile, this is just not me. I hate videos but I love being on camera. I hate to see myself on camera if that makes sense. It’s a challenge I have to push through on this journey of public speaking. How many of you feel the exact same way? It’s hard seeing yourself doing what you love to do. Even the famous actors and actresses hate the replay. We do it because we ignite the fire of playing characters who deserve a voice.


Someone needs to hear what we have to say to edify their spirit, to help them on the same journey, to solve a problem, and to uplift them when faced with adversity. What we fear that’s obsolete we have to do anyway. Let that fear be fuel to the fire that burns with all of our desires and goals. This journey has it’s ups and downs as I prepare to use my voice to uplift others and help them through their toughest times. We all have been through something. We all are going through something. Use each and every story to impact someone.


Yes, I am starting a podcast series called Hidden Below See Level. Everything that makes us who we are is hidden below what we SEE in ourselves and others. Maybe if we saw what’s under the surface then the perception at face value would deteriorate. I’m telling you, use your platform to speak up. Use your pens to vote out misguided or ill-willed politicians. We all know how it feels to not make it, see someone gunned down, have a loved one pass away through sickness, feel inadequate in areas. We also know things that others don’t but need to know, have a career insight that could help someone navigate through theirs, or just using your degrees and knowledge so that someone won’t make your mistakes. Use your voice!


Added BONUS*:

Here are some tools that have helped me on my speaker’s journey.

  1. The Speaker Lab (love their speaking fee calculator.
  2. Agent (I love their growth tools directly to your e-mail and applying for speaking engagements)


This is an interesting journey that I am on and I hope you all can go on this ride with me through every episode of this series.


To catch up on the series click the link below.

Hidden Below “See Level”: Episode 1

Hidden Below “See Level”: Episode 2

Hidden Below “See Level”: Episode 3


How are you using your voice?

15 thoughts on “Hidden Below See Level: Igniting Your Voice Through Public Speaking

  1. I am looking to get into motivational speaking myself. I believe I have something to give in this arena. I too want to start a podcast and have it on my calendar for a project next year. I wish you must success on your journey to public speaking.

  2. I know exactly what you mean. I hate everything about seeing myself on video – my face, my hair, the gestures I make. Ugh. It makes me so uncomfortable, but as an actor-friend of mine said, “No offense, but you’re not THAT interesting.” haha No one else is going to invest the time to pick you apart that way. They don’t care how you look. They care about what you can do for them. They’ll love you as long as you can provide them with solutions.

    1. It’s great to have a balance of both. I’m thinking about podcasts and doing lives on YouTube. The video quality is better going love on YouTube than Facebook. You can repurpose it on your site and any other page.

    1. Most hate it but we should always do it any way the ROI (return on investment) is so much more. I’m starting slow. I like the live video quality on YouTube better than Facebook.

    1. Girl, I started by recording on SoundCloud, then I moved to Spreaker, but it sucked. The newest way is to record on facebook (live audio), download it, edit it, and then repurpose it to your website and YouTube channel. It’s really not that hard. Just talk. You’d be surprised what comes out.

  3. Great post. Thanks for sharing the resources. It was super helpful. I’m recently started a podcast as well called, That’s What She Did. It’s been a great experience.

  4. I think the hardest part about seeing video or hearing a recording – besides just hearing how weird you sound d outside of your own head – is being critical of what you’ve done and thinking that it would’ve been better if I did XYZ. But just starting and getting comfortable with it is a good place to start. Good luck with your podcast!

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