The Art of Balance: Your Dreams Vs Your Career

The way to balance your career and your passion.



Y’all I’m just going to be candid. I didn’t think balancing my career and writing novels would be this challenging but it is.


Now that I’m getting in the swing of things at work, here comes all of these ideas and characters rushing to my mind. Have I found that balance yet? Nope. It seems that balancing takes being proactive. Planning scenes and making sure you’re rested is key.



Now that we’re on being rested. Chile, working 4 tens in a week and trying to write is like throwing a screwball at someone’s gut and telling them to sing. It ain’t gonna happen. My energy level has just plummeted. I don’t really want to do anything. Sometimes you just have to push past that especially if you want to have that balance in life.



Balance in life is not something that comes natural but it is something to work on because with every new milestone comes something else to balance (i.e. kids, marriage, non-profit events). You want to be the all-American and that takes practice.



Sometimes your body just needs a schedule. If you’re getting up at 4:30am to get ready for a 10-12 hr shift then you need to set a time to sleep at night. It’s rather something like this…


  1. 4:30 – Wake up, shower, get dressed
  2. 5:30 – Get to work
  3. 5:58-6 – Clock-in
  4. 6-4:30-6:30 – Make that money (inspire someone)
  5. 4-30-6:30 – Clock-out
  6. 5:00- 7:30 – unwind and eat dinner
  7. 8-10 – working on what you’re passionate about (writing, music, film, art, etc)
  8. 10:00p-4:30a – sleep (6 1/2 hrs)


That’s a sample schedule but you have to get out there and just do the work. Your dreams are not going to take a backseat to whatever you’re working on for so long. Eventually you’ll be looking out to what you should’ve/would’ve/could’ve done. No one wants to hear that broken record.


We have to find time to balance what we want in life. On our off days, we can go full throttle with our dreams. No one’s going to do the work for us. Some of us have a career we love and some of us have a job we tolerate. If you’re tolerating a job then you best work on what you love so you can take a leap of faith and move forward once you have put in the work on your own time. Those who have a career they love, just find the time to balance your career and your passion for other things.


Balance is an important role in life. Keep it healthy. We’re all going through different journeys.


What do you need to balance?

What’s your hardest challenge when it comes to balancing career and passion?

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