The F.O.U.R. Project: Behind the Scenes

F.O.U.R. Project

The F.O.U.R. Project is an acronym for FIGHT, OVERCOME, UPLIFT, and REACH.

It was started in 2019 after I noticed a pattern at local health fairs and cancer awareness events. Even though we had many of resources in our communities provided by nonprofits, hospitals, local for profit business to help cancer patients and their loved ones people still didn’t know about them. Sometimes you just can’t reach them all by one visit. it takes a community to do that. Then I noticed that people strayed away from early detection because of fear of knowing if they had it.

I’ve lost two matriarchs to cancer and a mother that’s in the REACH step of F.O.U.R. I wanted to better help my community in understanding what resources were available in our community. I wanted to help each person survivor or caregiver be equipped to be confident when they speak with their doctors about treatments and tests for them. Only YOU know what’s best for YOU. To watch someone actively die of cancer and another refuse treatment on a stage I disease that could have easily been treated changes your perspective on how you want to help. Those were my personal experiences. I want everyone’s experience to be that they was knowledgeable of their treatments and type of cancer, they was confident in what they chose for themselves, and they were aware of specialty vs hospitalist conflict.

F.O.U.R. Process

Most people start the F.O.U.R with one simple word “cancer”. We do not freeze or bow to it. We simply get in the ring and box it. We go head to head and fight it. That fight could be a simple month, several months, or years. We fight till we finish. Then there’s this sweet victory where we overcome it. When we can look back at our journey and now we face a “New normal”. We may have a body part missing. We still have our life. We still have our family. If you don’t have a family, well welcome to the F.O.U.R. Hey cousin!!!! Now we have started to settle in to our “New normal” and it’s time to uplift our brother/sister in the F.O.U.R. Uplifting someone else when you have just overcame might seem like oh it’s draining but it’s so rewarding. You can uplift someone by praying for them, just going to the doctor or treatments with them, playing music for them, reading the Bible to them etc. You get the hang of it. Now that we’re through with our battle and have uplifted a few others let’s take it to the next level. Now we reach back to someone else who has just been diagnosed with cancer and we give them the resources, share our patient navigator, give tips on staying healthy and sane. You will need to keep your sanity and PEACE through this journey.


What to expect from this community?

  • Cancer Awareness posts in their respective months
  • “Did You Know” posts on various meds, treatments, and surgeries.
  • Motivational Monday posts for that little motivation to pass through the week.
  • Weekly resources (financial and support) and “in the know” about local events.

Need a Speaker?

Have an event that you need a speaker for that touches on cancer? Get in touch with us at

Let’s strive to all make it to the REACH step in F.O.U.R. I want to make sure you are equipped with resources to help you understand treatments, side effects of those treatments, genetics/clinical trials, financial and other support and support groups.

I hope you stay connected and #JointheFOUR

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9 thoughts on “The F.O.U.R. Project: Behind the Scenes

  1. This is awesome what you’re doing. I’ve lost family members to cancer so, it’s a subject I really care about. Thanks for helping others get more information.

  2. Cancer has devestated so many peoples lives. Sorry to hear about those who were close to you. I’m sure they appreciate you sharing your knowledge and blessings others with it. That’s a great way to celebrate their memory. Blessings.

  3. This is awesome!!!! What a great way to use your platform. I think at least one person has had a personal connection with cancer whether it’s you personally or someone in your life! I love this!

  4. I have an aunt who has had to fight cancer and it was just sai scary. Early detection is also scary. I really like what you are doing. I pray to strive in it and bring awareness to everyone. God bless you.

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