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The Speaker Within

Crystal Santoria has been using an unconventional approach to her psychology degree. She set out to implement what she had learned in her classes to put in her books. Each novel collectively speaks on identity and the aspects of each character that is hidden below what they can see in themselves. This birthed the speaking topics below.


She has worked countlessly one-on-one with women helping them to see the gems inside them that usually tend to go unnoticed. Sometimes we let what others see in us define who we are more than what we see in us. When you know what and where your gems are then you can demand what’s due to you. 


She has also worked with the youth to help them make those hard “in the heat of the moment” decisions. We never want to make a decision out of anger or hurt. She helps them craft those decisions so they can grow up and be WHO  they want to be and not succumb to the consequences of their last second decision.

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My Identity Has LEvels

My identity Has Levels focuses on the last second decision of our youths lives. We have young people standing up for what’s right and we have youth on the opposing side. In that last second, will you decide to go with the current or against it?

What to Expect:

  • Students will utilize better decision making skills through active play.
  • Students will be able to thing and reflect before acting in the face of adversity.
  • By the end, students will have learned to make better decisions based off each second decision they will soon to make.

Hidden Below See Level

Hidden Below See Level is an empowerment movement based of my podcast. We have to start seeing who we are so no one can tell us differently. In business, if you can’t see how great you are then others will easily tell you wrong or undercut you for what’s due to you. Do you demand what’s due or do you still wear blinders?

What to Expect:

  • Women will get rid of the negative thoughts they have for themselves through journaling.
  • Women will be able to branch in small group and pour into one another for positive reinforcement.
  • By the end, Women will found a sisterhood that helps them see in themselves what’s hidden below “see level”. When you see it, no one can undercut you for it.

Tried, By Association

You ever been tried, stressed, abused… by association. I mean this isn’t even your battle, your stress, your relationship or your friend but you have a common denominator and since you are associated with that person you feel all that they feel? Let’s break loose for a minute! You have the right to go ahead and free yourself from OTHER PEOPLE’S PROBLEMS

What to Expect:

  • 5 ways to eliminate stress from your surrounding
  • How to cope with being there for those you love without letting it take over your health.
  • Learn to disconnect when it gets too much.
  • By the end, attendees will have a better sense of being there for others without letting it overpower their lives and their health.

My DNA, The Power of One

What does the power of one mean to you? with family, divided we fall and together we stand, and that should be the same for businesses and any relationship. Our youth are marching, everyone has a role. Everyone cannot march because just marching gets nothing done. It’s just symbolism.

What to Expect:

  • Clear cut outline of how each person plays a part in a relationship/business
  •  Brainstormed ideas on how to effectively use teamwork in every situation
  • Learn to utilize better communication skills in the workplace and at home.
  • By the end, the attendees will have learned skills to work together, recharged about where they are in their relationship, and get motivated and start a bond together as one unit.