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Blood Runs Deep is $23.99 for paperback and $9.99 for Kindle edition. (Click pic for link)

Synopsis: Victoria is the backbone quad of the quadruplets. She is the coroner of Jefferson County, Alabama. She really wants to find her own way and leave the family business to pursue neurosurgery. Eva is the wild child of the quadruplets who is the district attorney for Jefferson County. When she gets mixed up with some of the secrets embedded in the family’s past will she help them get out of it together? Gina is the bold one of the set as a senior accountant whose nickname is two guns. How long can she keep bailing out her family before it all crumbles? Alexis is the odd ball out of the quadruplets. She isn’t identical like the triplets. She has her own successful restaurant but will everything change when the secrets of the family come out. Last but certainly not least is the patriarch Papa Joe who has seen his share of history. He’s been battling with the scars of his past for centuries. Can he move past his nightmares to tell the family where they came from? Will he be able to save his future descents from his past? Will he just let go and let what happens, happens?

Up For Air is available for purchase at $23.99 hardback, $13.99 paperback, and $3.99 e-book. (Click pic for link)

Synopsis: Christina ”Tina” Rhodes just took a hiatus from her psych practice to pursue her dreams of spoken word poetry and owning the C. S. Café. She has always been there for everyone else but can she be there for herself? When every part of her life starts to pick up in the fast lane, will she come up for air or drown in her own fears?