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Up For Air:  $23.99 hardback, $13.99 paperback, and $3.99 e-book.

Synopsis: Christina “Tina” Rhodes has a thrusting career ahead of her in psychiatry. She has a stable relationship with Tyler (sports physician) and are very close knit with her friends. Something is missing though. Her passion for poetry is calling her name. She embarks on a journey away from psychiatry and full throttle into her spoken word poetry which lands her a nationwide tour. Her dreams are finally starting to seek real. Life has a way of pushing us back from what we are striving for and that certainly didn’t exempt Christina. With the change of society lynching the state of the black man in a new age, the toxic relationships around her that has affected her by association, and losing someone you love, will she ever get focused to finish her tour and start her poetry cafè business? Can she come up for air or drown in her own fears?

Blood Runs Deep: $23.99 for paperback and $2.99 for Kindle edition. 

Synopsis:  Northeast of Jefferson County, Alabama lies a small rural town where this black family holds the powers to all. What could really go wrong, right? What if I told you that this one family got the ownership of the same plantation their ancestors were brutally murdered on? Unfortunately, this young generation has a lot to know about history. Will the ones who are getting old and dying off tell this generation the story about the revolt or will they die in their secrets? A family that has been haunted by one slave master’s descents ends up on the wrong side of history again when Eva gets in deep with the same descents her grandparents fought to stay away from. The only way to break free of this cycle is through the family’s secrets. Who’s going first?

C47: The Agent Brown Series: $2.99  It is an e-book series. 

Synopsis: Jennifer Brown is one of the top assassins at the F.A.A. (Federal Assassin Agency) with a kill shot range of three miles. She’s been in the agency since she started high school as a junior agent. All grown up she is starting to see changes within herself. As she terminates targets she start to uncover classified information that could change her whole existence. How far will she hunt to know the truth behind the classified documents? Who can she really trust? This action packed novella is filled with suspense and a thrill ride. Can she find the truth alive? Kill or be killed so who dies?