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90’s Kid

It’s not the same… standing here as the world changed… I remember when parents knew their kid’s friends name… when all I needed to worry about was chores…when the only thing they could take from me was video games… mortal kombat and sonic… blowing on cartridges after ripping them out of the system because  the computer was cheating…staying all night at the table until we finished everything on our plate… and talking back would get you knocked into the next day… when the only thing you snuck to watch was HBO on a broken channel blurred out by censorship… where watching sex scenes through warm hands on your face was the regular… where imaginations soared and children explored the world around them… where power rangers was the group everyone had to act out on the playground… where three ninjas kickback, surf ninjas, and karate kid made everyone want to learn martial arts… where teenage mutant ninja turtles was the show on Saturday mornings and watching Recess was the “before school” ritual… where trading pokemon cards and dragon ball z was the boys card game to beat… Where did it all go? Sucked up by Ghostbusters in an open black hole… I wish I could go back to my childhood again… because lost dreams and hurt things, bills and sufferings ain’t what I meant when I rushed getting older… I just wanted to do as adults did but still remain me, young… that scrawny, kick butt, imaginative kid… I just wanted to grow up but still be a 90’s kid

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